Song of the Dark

You can run away from home, but you can't run away from yourself.

In a siren-infested sea, Thomas is the last survivor on a sinking ship, the only sailor unaffected by the sirens’ song. Before he meets his end, the god of the ocean agrees to save him in exchange for his help. She believes Thomas is the only person who can help her find a cure for the siren plague that has infected mermaids around the world.

On his journey, Thomas is thrust into the unfamiliar world of magic and discovers it is nothing like he believed it to be. The memory of his first love haunts him, and the infamy of his family name follows him. His comfortable reality slowly crumbles as he learns his family has been hiding a terrible secret that will forever change his life. 

"An immersive, imaginative YA novel about self-acceptance...Suddarth's character-driven coming-of-age fantasy is hard to put down." - Reader Views Literary Awards

"A fantasy with an LGBTQ+ romance at its heart, Song of the Dark will captivate young readers." - The BookLife Prize